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17 Feb

I just got back from a whirlwind trip to Vegas all thanks to the ladies of Boutiquing. If you don’t know what Boutiquing is, hop on over to their site to see what they’re all about (shameless plug).

We left on Sunday, which happened to be my birthday, but the girls made sure I was well taken care of.  We sped down I-15 just in time to get to the Mirage to watch The Beatles.  I’ve never been a huge fan of shows, but this is a must see.  All the music and acts were beyond amazing.

The whole point of the Boutiquing Brigade being in Vegas for Magic was for the 1st even Teen Vogue Blogger Lounge.  We were asked to come to be the birds eye view for everyone that couldn’t be there.  We Tweeted and Facebooked our way through the floors of Magic about everything and anything fashion related.

I had gone to Magic the previous year, but this year was definitely slower than last.  The crowd just wans’t as big and the energy wasn’t quite there.  I did love the excitement that the bloggers showed throughout the entire event.  I loved seeing how different girls portrayed their best styles in 3 short days.  The bloggers came from near and far, some as close as LA and others as far as NYC and Canada. 

I had an amazing time with my Boutiquing girls.  Even though we were there during my birthday and Valentine’s day, I was with great company. 

See you next time Magic


Hash House A Go Go

15 Feb

After hearing so much about this restaurant, a couple of us made the drive down to San Diego to try Hash House.  They are epically known for their chicken & waffles.  Apparently, people are saying it’s better than Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles.  I split an order of Andy’s Sage Fried Chicken w/ mash potaters and a BIG blueberry pecan flapjack with the boyfriend.

The flapjack went unpictured, but it was the size of a giant dinner plate.  We barely even made a dent in it.

Their infamous fried chicken wasn’t all that great.  I’m a big fan of dark meat chicken, so this just didn’t do it for me.  The whole meal just felt too heavy for me and didn’t sit well.

I declare: HYPE

Knott’s Berry Farm

6 Feb

The best part of Knott’s:

 Funnel cake w/ half strawberry and half boysenberry topping. EXTRA POWDER SUGAR PLEASE!


1 Feb

The only two reasons why anyone should ever go to Mesa in Costa Mesa

Reason #1: Lychee Martini

Reason #2: Cast Iron Skillet Mussels

The two things that are actually worth going for and paying the $$$ for.  The only great thing about this lounge is the retractable roof that pulls back at 11pm.  Otherwise, you’re paying to cram into a small space and fight off douchebag bouncers.  Since when did this place get so crowded they needed security at the door?

Go early, get the mussels and lychee martini.  Then leave and hit up a more affordable bar.