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Old Vine Cafe

15 Jan

I’ve had Old Vine Cafe bookmarked for a while now and finally got around to trying it for lunch.  I’m a bit against spending $20 for lunch, but their 3-course set lunch was well worth it.  I stalked their menu beforehand so I knew exactly what to order when I arrived.

1st course: Porcini Bisque with a crostino

2nd course: Porcini Mac & Cheese 
3rd course: Grandma’s Cheese Cake

I’m sure you can sense the theme I went with for my lunch.  I’m sure if they offered a mushroom dessert, I would’ve went with it.  The porcini bisque was nice and creamy with the perfect subtle taste of the mushroom.  It wasn’t too heavy which I hate in a bisque.  The pocini mac&cheese had the perfect blend of cheeses.

Let’s talk about the cheesecake.  I die.  When they first brought it out, I couldn’t believe how small it was.  This thin little sliver on this ginormous plate was the biggest tease.  I don’t normally eat desserts, but this was hands down the best slice of cheesecake I’ve ever had.  The graham cracker crust and the berry jam did it for me.

Overall, Old Vine Cafe was well worth my $20 spent on lunch.  I’d be happy to even order the cheesecake for all three courses.