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Spring Break recap

10 Apr

School has been consuming my life lately, thus the lack of posts.  There have been a couple of highlights in the past two weeks.  Be warned…this is a long post

My spring break kicked off with a little adventure to LA for
Twestival with Kim and Shannon.

This year, Twestival around the world was able to raise over $460,000 for Concern Worldwide. We drank, danced and watched Kim collect her numerous raffle winnings, which included 4 Justin Bieber tickets. 

Shannon, me, Kim

(via politeinpublic photobooths)

#1 sugarmama 😉

Overall, it was an amazing event with great music, strong drinks, and amazing company.  
For Spring Break, me and the bf took my parents to Vegas for a couple of days.  They hadn’t been there for a while, so I got them a room and let them roam the strip and gamble to their hearts content. My dad had quite the time and it puts a smile on my face when I see him so happy. 
Some food porn 😉
This is from the Studio B buffet at the M Resort.  It’s a bit away from the strip, but by far the best seafood buffet for $30 (weekends only)

The Spazmatics at Harrahs Casino. They are an 80’s coverband that dresses up in some nerdy get-up. Hilarious to watch and we caught a good 20 minutes of their show. 

And what’s Vegas without having a drink by the waterfall
Other than Twestival and Vegas, my spring break was spent working and resting.  I also did a little shopping, but I will save that for another post. School has been torture this past week and doesn’t end ’til mid next week.  Hopefully I’ll have time for some quickie posts before you forget about me.

Shaking Things Up

16 Mar

It amazes me how people make a minor quake seem like the end of the world. Then again we do live in SoCal where a little bit of rain prevents people from stepping outside.

For breakfast I created quite the yogurt mess. I topped my Dannon Vanilla flavored yogurt with Pomegranate&Blueberry Clusters cereal from Trader Joe’s and topped off with some slices of banana.  I find it weird that I don’t enjoy eating my cereal with milk, but rather dumping a bunch of cereal into my yogurt.  Does anyone else do this? 
My grave attempt to study in the library failed this afternoon.  I just can’t seem to focus these days.  I brown bagged my lunch for school this morning.  It consisted of half a pita with Trader Joe’s veggie burger topped with spicy black bean hummus and feta cheese. Do you see the trend here? Trader Joe’s is taking over my fridge.  In my attempt to eat healthy, I find that Trader Joe’s has great inexpensive options.  I think it’s much cheaper than regular grocery stores and they have great prepackaged food items for people on the go.  
Tonight I’m planning on making some spaghetti squash.  My first try at this and hopefully it turns out well.  I’ll hopefully post some pictures of this later on, if disaster doesn’t strike in my kitchen.  

Thought of the day:
Do you have a mentor? Someone that has helped guide you through life. Is there a certain person that you look up to?

My professor asked this in class last night and only a couple of students put up their hand.  I was with the majority on this one and realized that I don’t have a mentor.  I’ve never really had anyone that I truly look up to for help in life.  This isn’t just a person that you call when you get into a fight with your bf/gf, but someone that helps guide you through life. 

It’s just another manic Monday, I wish it was Sunday…

16 Mar

…cause thats my funday
my I-don’t-have-to-run day
It’s just another manic Monday…
Manic Monday-Bangle

My Monday consisted of the following:

-made it to my 9:30 class (yay me!)
-lunch at Full Moon sushi w/ my dad
-being a CHAMP and sitting through two back to back 3 hour classes.

The weather was amazing today. I’m glad its starting to look more like Spring.  Although I’m bummed I spent the first real day of Spring sitting in class.  Maybe I should lightly mention to my professors to have class outdoors on the grass.  I wonder if any of them would go for that, worth a shot right?

I wish I could find my camera cord so I can start taking and uploading pictures again. It really is a pain in the ass when I have a perfectly good camera, but no way of uploading pictures. Sigh…I guess I can start taking pictures with my blackberry, although the quality won’t be nearly as good. 
And here is another spring time picture, just because I love sunflowers so much 🙂